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Top 5 reasons why you should work with Modern Cassette Records

Ah, good ol’ record labels. It seems you can’t swing a guitar strap over your shoulder without hearing news of an artist in a dispute with their label, or the control the label has not only on the artist, but the music they release.  Some artists have even gone on and recorded songs about their frustrations, subliminally making jabs at the wealth, power and authority these labels have over their creative, and sometimes actual, lives.  Not only do they get the lion’s share of the royalties from your work, but they also can dictate the sound you use based on focus groups and what they think the masses want to hear. The thing that people tend to forget is that this negative relationship is usually associated with larger, corporate and often disconnected suits that work for the dollars alone. 

But there is good news - it doesn’t have to be like this. You can create the music you love, and still nurture that passion when it comes to working with a label.  You’ve really hit the jackpot when you work with a label that shares that enthusiasm, like Modern Cassette Records.  

  1. Passion for Music: To say Justin Allen and Ron Riley have a “passion” for music is an understatement. With a combined 30+ years experience (with Justin as a band member and Ron searching off the beaten path for solid music), they have a talent for surfacing both quality niche and popular sounds. Modern Cassette Records is built off of a love for making that music accessible, getting people away from the cookie cutter productions they’re told to listen to by million dollar executives in an office somewhere, and presenting an inspiring, soulful experience.
  2. No Royalties and Rights to Music: It’s no mystery in how the big sound machine works today: an artist is paid an advance on the music their label markets, and then the royalties are split afterwards, with the label taking the majority of the cut. That advance is not guaranteed if the label doesn’t make that money up in said marketing, which can be difficult for musicians depending on that money for their livelihoods. Because they have such high stakes, they can also influence the sound you produce, whether it’s the direction you want to carry your music into or not. Modern Cassette Records changes the game here: They take no royalties, and no ownership over your music. They’re here to empower you to create what you love, and support you in the process.
  3. Need an Extra Hand….er, Instrument? One of the best things about Modern Cassette Records is their willingness to go above and beyond to support you musically, should you need it. Justin alone has an impressive array of instruments at hand, but don’t forget the network of artists within reach, as well. Need to master your tracks for Spotify or release music on YouTube? They can do that. Need a guitar or bass on a song? They can do that, too….and pretty damn well, might I add. Check out Electromanic on YouTube to see for yourself. 
  4. No Binding Contracts: Where many labels demand exclusivity, Modern Cassette Records does not.  Yeah, you read that correctly. The goal of MCR isn’t to outright own you as an artist, nor to demand a sound for you to produce according to marketing timelines.  They’re here to work for you, not the other way around. How refreshing is that?!
  5. A Community of Support. Breaking into the music scene can be a difficult venture on your own, especially if you’re just starting out, or live remotely from the hotter spots around. More than likely, you’re working a day job to make ends meet, but love diving into the escape of expressing yourself and your talents.  Modern Cassette Records knows this, and how to work around it - they’d love to help! They’re not just a label looking for a payday. These guys know the frustrations of hitting a wall with trying to keep more of what you rightfully own, of trying to book gigs around family life, and of making sure you’ve got someone to work the merch table.  Modern Cassette Records is a community of like-minded artists, eager to support you, wherever you are in your journey. 

I think it’s easy to see what makes MCR different from the rest. Everyone needs a supportive community in their creative ventures, and that’s just what you’ll find here at Modern Cassette Records. Reach out today - the community needs to hear your music! 


               Article written by Leslie Roberts

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